Electronic locking systems

B-Smart-Lock Corona

The B-Smart-Lock Corona is the electronic RFID locking system with a well-designed turning knob that allows lockers or safes to be locked in a secure and comfortable manner. LEDs in the turning knob indicate the lock status. Thanks to its variable adjustability, the Corona is very easy to retrofit in existing situations. The solid design of the Corona’s bolt and housing ensures an unprecedented level of security: Thanks to its zamak components, the lock can easily withstand a force of at least 800 N. This value contributes to your users’ sense of security.


    • wireless for both offline and online version
    • can be used in wooden and metal doors (indoors)
    • valuable latch system - door locks when pushed
    • integrated LED locking indicator
    • high-quality, stable workmanship (metal housing)
    • diverse programming possibilities
    • covers several RFID standards
    • easy retrofitting (16x19 mounting hole)

    Operting manual and data sheet

    B-Smart-Lock Combipad

    The B-Smart-Lock Combipad is a high-quality electronic combination slam-latch lock that sets standards for securely protecting valuables indoors. Thanks to its simple operation, this lock not only makes everyday life easier, but also stands out on account of its high-quality design, the robust and fireproof stainless steel keys, and the ergonomic turning knob.


    • Long battery life (60,000 locking cycles)
    • 999.999 code options
    • LED locking indicator
    • Can be used in doors made of wood and metal
    • Door locks when pushed (latch system)
    • High-quality metal housing (zamak) with stainless steel keys

      Operating manual and data sheet

      B-Smart-Lock Master

      The Master is the versatile electronic furniture lock. This lock was designed to meet the unique requirements of the furniture industry. It enables organisations to secure cabinets, display cases, lockers and drawers. The Master is particularly well-suited to installations in which the appearance of high-class finishes is not disrupted by the presence of a lock.


        • Versatile and flexible installation options
        • Not visible on the door front
        • Reliable RFID technology
        • Up to 32 transponders per lock can be assigned
        • Easy configuration and programming

        Operating Manual and data sheet